Aankomst van een voornaam gezelschap

Arrival of an important Society at Rotterdam


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The print is a combination of a painting from about 1670 of painter Lieve Verschuier from Rotterdam. He probably made the sketches for the painting from a boat on the river Maas. The integrated photos are - at about the same position - taken from William Bridge.

It is unknown what kind of group is being welcomed with a guard of honour at the pier and a gun salute from the ship.
Far right is the Oude Hoofdpoort (Old Main gate), located next to the original entrance of the Oudehaven. More to the left the Boompjes and in the distance the mills of the Leuvehaven.

Detail Gezicht op Rotterdam 'Aankomst van een voornaam Gezelschap'

About the artist

Lieve Verschuier (Rotterdam ca. 1634-1686).

Lieve Verschuier was the son of the sculptor Pieter Cornelis Verschuier, who worked for the Admiralty of Rotterdam. Lieve initially followed his father into his profession, but later moved to Amsterdam. He lived there for some time and was probably in the doctrine of the painter Simon de Vlieger.

Around 1655 Verschuier traveled to Italy and returned one year later to Rotterdam. In 1674 he was appointed as a sculptor and painter of the Admiralty of Rotterdam. In 1678 he was elected as head of the guild of St. Lukas from the stonemasons in Rotterdam.

None of his carvings are preserved. Known works of his paintings are to do with shipping, including parades, ships on the roads, whaling and the arrivals of royalty.


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