Het fregat Brielle

The frigate Brielle on the Maas in Rotterdam


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The print is a combination of a painting by Ludolf Backhuysen in 1689 and contemporary photographs. Menno van der Weerd photographed these from the same position where the artist drew his sketches for the painting, currently the Wilhelmina Pier, near Hotel New York.

De Brielle, a fifty gun equipped warship of the Admiralty of Rotterdam, is shown in the center. On the stern is a crowned medallion with the portrait of William III, flanked by the arms of England and Scotland. Below the climbing lion, the arms of the Generality. On the mainmast the Prince's Flag with a split pennant.
The yacht sailing on the right of the VOC (possibly the prince and his wife Mary aboard) fires a salute. There are two sloops, one with a flag of the States-General of the Netherlands. On the left sails a ketch, boeier, poon (sailing cargo ship) and a barge. On the right is also a coastal vessel and a yacht.

Detail Gezicht Op Rotterdam 'Het Fregat Brielle'

About the artist

Ludolf Backhuysen (Emden 1630 or 1631 - Amsterdam, 1708) was a German-born Dutch Golden Age painter of seascapes.

About Backhuysen we are told that he was often on the water during bad weather to closely watch the effect of the weather on the sky and water.

With its emphasis on atmosphere and light and dark contrasts, he is often seen as a forerunner of romanticism. He painted many rough seas, but also views of harbors and numerous important events of the Dutch maritime history.


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