Lenticular printing

A special optical effect is given in a lenticular print in which the old painting is combined with a recent photo. By changing the view angle (f.i. with your hands) the picture changes between the old painting and recent photo. The current city suddenly appears in the painting!
For very large prints, this effect appears for example through walking by.


Amsterdam Amsterdam

Rotterdam 1

Fregat Brielle te Rotterdam Fregat Brielle te Rotterdam

Rotterdam 2

Aankomst gezelschap te Rotterdam
Aankomst gezelschap te Rotterdam


Gezicht op Dordrecht Gezicht op Dordrecht Gezicht op Dordrecht

Minimum quantities

Because of the high development costs lenticular printing can only be printed in larger quantities. There is a minimum amount of € 2500.
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Some examples

Size (height x width) and image changes

  • Large postcard: 100 x 295 mm, vertical image shift
  • Large size: 250 x 710 mm, vertical image shift
  • Very large size: 710 x 2050 mm, horizontal image shift

What is lenticular?

Lenticular printing is a technology in which a lenticular lens is used to enable to change the image when viewed from different angles.